Entertainment Transportation

Paul Mathew Transport offers expert logistics across the United Kingdom and Europe, catering to client's specific needs.

Our vast experience within the industry allows us to compliment any customer requirement. Whether you have one trailer or 50 trailer shows to tour, Paul Mathew Transport has the ability to cope with ease to meet all your requirements. With over 70 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry we are the first point of call

Storage and Warehousing

Our state of the art facilities and warehouse space allows clients to safely store shows after tours.

Once Paul Mathew Transport have completed your tour successfully we are able to offer you storage facilities in our Modern Warehouses in Bognor Regis, Evesham, Faversham and Stratford upon Avon. With a combined area of over 72,000 square feet your scenery and equipment can be stored safely without any complications.

Set Disposal

Registered waste carrier since 1990

The other option is to dispose of or recycle your sets. This is done directly by us, as a registered Waste Carrier since 1990, Paul Mathew Transport are legally allowed to take your scenery to a transfer station for recycling or disposal

UK Bases

Bognor Regis

Our main base of operations in Bognor Regis, a modern multi-purpose facility including offices, storage and workshops all under one roof.


We have just taken control of our brand new depot in Evesham, providing us with large storage space, truck parking and wash facilities for employees.


Located just outside Liverpool, providing us with a northern base to run our operations from.